Our History


For 17 years, the Minnesota 9-11 Tribute has held fast to the concept originally conceived for the first concert. Over the years, on average, an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 families, seniors, youth, disabled persons, veterans, armed forces personnel and care givers have attended the evening event to remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and to praise and celebrate life. The Minnesota 9-11 Tribute has a volunteer board of directors who support the original concept of the concert. Volunteers of all ages and walks of life execute all aspects of the concert.
We continue to celebrate this event each year, in particular to honor Minnesota's First Responders, our Fireman, Local Police, Highway Patrol, and Emergency Medical Technicians. These life-saving professionals were the "stand-up" hero's of the 9-11 New York terrorist attack, and we honor our Minnesota First Responders on this day, each year. Our program is especially designed to encourage parents to bring their children. They will receive an American flag to wave as they march in the parade though the aisles. The concerts have always been signed for the hearing impaired, and there will be reserved seating in the front for the deaf, hearing impaired and disabled.

Our Goals

The Goals of the Minnesota 9-11 Tribute are:
• To memorialize the victims and their families of
the 9-11 attack by showing that our community
and the nation remembers and will never forget
their tragic loss.
• To pay tribute to the men and women who serve as
rescuers in our society, including police, fire, EMS,
first responders and other rescue personnel
who regularly devote themselvesto keeping us
safe in the face of danger.
• To espress our gratitude and thanks to all
serving personnel and veterans of all branhes of
the armed forces, including Army, Navy, Air Force,
Marines and Coast Guard, and to their families for
their dedicationand service to protect our
freedom and our country.
• To use the many styles of American Music as
expressed in geographic areas as a way to reach
local diverse cultures and expanding age groups,
i.e. bluegrass, country, pop, Dixieland jazz --
From New Orleans to Chicago to Atlanta, Texas
and California.


Picnic Community Music at 5pm
Bag Pipes
Rare Pharoh
Twin Cities Trumpet Ensemble
451st Army Band - All Brass No Ammo
Minnesota 9-11 Tribute Concert at 7pm
Star Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key
Fanfare for a Common Man - Aaron Copland
Washington Post March - John Phillip Sousa
Give My Regards to George - George Gershwin/Lewis
Salute to the Armed Forces - arr. Camp Kirkland
Give Us Peace - Robert DeCormier
Will the Circle be Unbroken - arr. J. David Moore
Highlights from Phantom of the Opera -
Calvin Custer
Beating Heart - Tom Rattigan, arr. Simon Nathan, Vocal trans. Paul Callender
Let there be Peace on Earth - Miller/Jackson, Ades
God Bless America - Irving Berlin, arr. Roy Ringwald
Stars and Stripes Forever - John Phillip Sousa

Music brings us together

Music transcends the ages and unites the hearts. The memorial concert on 9-11 presents a variety of musial styles and medleys to help us remember those whose lives were lost and honor brave military leaders and first responders. The program this year includes short performances by loal artisans and musical groups. The object is to play and sing music and perform acts that strengthen our resolve to protect the freedoms we charish and the peace we love. You can purchase a DVD of photos and music from last year here.

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